iPhor Trading Inc.

iPhor Trading Inc. - We don’t sell just anything.
We don't sell just anything.
iPhor Trading Inc. (iPhor) is a Philippine Company with Italian equity specialized in importing premium quality products from Italy, such as gourmet food and fine wines, fashion leather bags and accessories, luxury office & residential furniture, machineries for the wine industry, coffee and coffee machines. From the beginning, we have been committed in providing the industry with high-end products at affordable prices.

iPhor is known throughout the metro for its knowledge of Italian and Filipino markets. This knowledge equips the company to act, not only as vendor, but as advisor to its clients in the industry.

With specialization in product selection and purchasing, iPhor maintains strict quality control of all its products. Furthermore, the company provides constant training and support to its clients based on its core strengths, experience and involvement in social events.

iPhor's warehouse is equipped with 24/7 refrigeration to keep its dairy, wines and frozen products fresh at all times. It is conveniently located in the city of Manila for easy dispatch of its daily deliveries.
iPhors's marketing philosophy is focused on innovation and service. The company provides its clients, through the assistance of its producers and suppliers, with the backup they need in terms of promotional material, displays and much more so they can be successful in selling the various brands they get from us. iPhor's mission is to continually exceed customers expectations with premium quality products and services.

iPhor has been successful in establishing long-term relationships with businesses and and individuals who share and practice our mutual belief that honesty, integrity, and reliability are very important components for success.

Ninon Retail Concepts Inc.

Ninon Retail Concepts Inc. - Best retail value proposition.
Best retail value proposition.
Ninon Retail Concepts Inc. holds the trademark of the Massimo Trulli Fashion Food & Wine Concept.

Core of the business:
  • Leather goods (bags, travel, wallets, belts, accessories)
  • Furniture (wood & leather). Products with own identity & style
  • Italian Fine Wines
  • Italian Deli
Value proposition:
  • Uniqueness, exclusivity & craftsmanship
  • Guarantee of authenticity

Philippine Sommeliers Inc.

Philippine Sommeliers Inc. - Training future wine professionals.
Training future wine professionals.
Philippine Sommeliers Inc. (PSI), a sister company iPhor,  is a Filipino corporation with Italian equity duly registered and organized under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Its primary purpose is to provide education, training and consultancy related to the Sommelier profession and to enhance the culture of quality Italian wines in every business, cultural, educational and publishing areas.

Committed to the dissemination of the culture of quality wine, spirits, liqueurs, food & wine pairing and olive oil, PSI sponsors publications, seminars, demonstrations and workshops as part of various courses of professional qualification, with particular regard to the products of Italy. PSI likewise endeavors to introduce its teaching in schools, institutes and extra-curricular programs across the Philippines.
PSI is part of the Worldwide Sommelier Association (WSA) with exclusive rights to utilize the latter’s educational programs, materials, curriculum and resources.  PSI likewise represents, officially and exclusively, the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier (FIS) of Rome, and its marks in the entire territory of the Philippines.

Thus, PSI offers a wide variety of opportunities to increase knowledge of wine for wine lovers, students or industry professionals.

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