Italian Wines

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Fine wines from Italy.
iPhor, established in 2011, represents the most comprehensive portfolio of Italian wines in the Philippines. Our portfolio highlights a vast array of indigenous varietals that embody the distinct character and terrain of each of Italy’s diverse regions. All of the Italian wine estates supplying iPhor actively maintain and preserve age-old techniques to produce wines of the utmost quality.

iPhor is renowned for its long-standing partnerships with wine estates of differing sizes throughout Italy. In the Philippines, iPhor is both an importer and distributor.

iPhor currently imports exclusively dozens of products from almost all Italian regions including Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Veneto, Lombardy, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Campania and Sicily. The wines iPhor imports and sells are exclusive and not what the masses are typically looking for. In educating our buyers and customers we further hope to make these wines more appreciated and known.
This is why we import small-medium-big size wine producers representing the tradition and essence of Italian winemaking.

Italy has the greatest diversity of grapes in the world. With its winemakers motivated for the highest quality, Italians are boosting the wine industry to an incredible level of progress, excellent quality and generating some of the best wines values in the world.

Food & Beverage

Ninon Retail Concepts Inc. - Best retail value proposition.
Ninon Retail Concepts Inc. - Best retail value proposition.
Quality F&B products from Italy.

Wine - Directly from the vineyards of Italy, iPhor brings together a portfolio of some of the most reputable and highly regarded winemakers across the country of Italy. Specializing in importing and wholesaling an exquisite selection of wines from various regions of Italy, iPhor strives to bring to the Philippines both leading quality and exceptional taste with each and every bottle.

Grappa and Birra – Grappa is an alcoholic beverage, a grape-based pomace brandy that contains 35 to 60 percent alcohol by volume. iPhor imports the grappa produced by Distillerie Buiesi, another excellent product of Friuli region, North-eastern Italy. From Sicily, Southern Italy, at the foot of Etna volcano, iPhor imports the craft beers of Birrificio dell’Etna, an artisan brewery that works with passion and energy on its products, unique and excellent beers that give those who taste them the same emotions of those who produce them with dedication and self-sacrifice.

Food - When iPhor started business in 2011, we had a choice: import Italian products that were readily available in the Philippines and compete for the best prices or become a niche food company, selling only high-end products, without compromise. This means that we cannot sell our products to everyone, but we are fine with that. We know that our products are of the highest quality and because of that we are looking for the best restaurants, delicatessen, food halls, wine bars and coffee shops in Metro Manila and the Philippines.

At iPhor’s we believe in our products and our brands. We support our brands the same way we support our customers, by offering fantastic products, with a great service based on our knowledge of the Italian food industry. Among the Italian excellences imported, the San Daniele prosciutto, the Speck of Sauris, the cheeses from Friuli and Toscana regions, the mortadella from Emilia Romagna. iPhor supplies all these products to iTrulli Fashion Food and Wine in Makati City.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio Intini, Apulia region in Southern Italy, is another exclusive import of iPhor’s which introduces superior, quality Italian olive oil and expertise in the Filipino market. Rigorous selection of the raw material makes Intini olive oil a natural, high-quality product multi awarded in numerous international competitions. Three of Intini’s signature products, potent and bitter oils which stand out thanks also to their elevated polyphenol content, are available at iTrulli Fashion Food and Wine, a Concept Store in Makati City.

Coffee – iPhor imports in the Philippines Meseta Italian coffee. Meseta is a Co.ind brand which is a leading Italian industrial group widely recognised as one of Italy's most important coffee roasting companies. Co.ind is a leader in the production of private label coffee for distributors. iPhor imports Meseta’s roasted coffee in beans, ground, capsules and pods covering the whole coffee business areas: families, Ho.Re.Ca. and automatic distribution.

F&B Equipment

Philippine Sommeliers Inc. - Training future wine professionals.
Quality F&B equipment from Italy.
Wine Dispensers - iPhor imports in the Philippines diWine by Novatec srl wine dispensers, that is, wine by the glass pouring machines. The mission is to deliver a complete and excellent service for those merchants (wine bars, restaurants, wine shops) that want to have a reliable and affordable system for the tasting of wine by the glass.

F&B Accessories

Ninon Retail Concepts Inc. - Best retail value proposition.
Quality F&B accessories from Italy.
Wine Accessories - iPhor imports exclusively Pulltex in the Philippines. Pulltex is one of the most important brand of wine accessories covering a wide range of corkscrews and other wine accessories for professionals and wine lovers. Pulltex corkscrews are protected with more than 20 international patents among which are the patent for the original double lever corkscrew, as well as the retractile double lever. These patents appear as a revolution for the waiter’s friend type of corkscrews. The Pulltex brand stands for innovation, design, originality, functionality and above all, quality of its products.

Italian Designer Items

Philippine Sommeliers Inc. - Training future wine professionals.
Multi-Brand Leather Handbags, Leather Accessories and Furniture.
iPhor Trading Inc. is a company specializing in importing premium quality products from Italy among which luxury leather goods, fashion leather handbags and leather accessories - the latest fashionable Italian designs. iPhor’s collections are always in line with the latest fashion trends, the leather handbags of different designers imported by iPhor are synonymous of high quality and good taste.
iPhor import also original and classy Italian furniture – chairs, armchairs, sofas, benches, stools, tables, lamps — that are made of valuable wood and excellent leather of great visual and emotional impact.