Philippine Sommeliers Inc.

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Training future wine professionals.
Philippine Sommeliers Inc. (PSI) primary purpose is to provide education, training and consultancy related to the profession of the Sommelier, as well as, to enhance the culture of quality Italian wines in every business, cultural, educational and publishing areas.  Committed to the dissemination of the culture of quality wine, spirits, liqueurs, mixed drinks, food & wine pairing and olive oil, PSI sponsors publications, seminars, demonstrations and workshops as part of various courses of professional qualification, with particular regard to the products of Italy. 

PSI is part of the Worldwide Sommelier Association (WSA) with exclusive rights to utilize the latter’s educational programs, materials, curriculum and resources.  PSI likewise represents, officially and exclusively, the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier (FIS) and its marks in the entire territory of the Philippines.

Wine Consultancy & Wine Education

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Conceptualization, design and setup.
Wine education is a pillar of iPhor’s philosophy and a thread that runs through every element of our work. We strive to educate our customers on the wide range of indigenous Italian varietals by highlighting the history, and uniqueness of the people and places behind these exceptional wines. Through its sister Company, Philippine Sommeliers Inc. affiliated to Worldwide Sommelier Association and Fondazione Italian Sommelier, iPhor brings in the Philippines the Italian approach and style to wine education. PSI’s five Courses, from “Introduction to Wine” to “WSA-FIS Sommelier Diploma Course” are designed to train, educate, evaluate and prepare professional "wine experts" as a whole, not limited to the restaurant floors only. iPhor is also capable to provide, as it has already, wine consultancy for restaurants, wine bars and pubs.

iTrulli Fashion, Food & Wine

Philippine Sommeliers Inc. - Training future wine professionals.
Where two of the world’s most passionate artistic media, Fashion and Food, connect you to the World of fine Italian Wines.
iTrulli Fashion, Food & Wine is a bright multifunctional space convenient for visual demonstration of fashion boutique, furniture shop, wine bar, deli & restaurant all in one place, comfortable for lectures and meetings thus allowing the enjoyment, in a cool and relaxed atmosphere, of a great wine & food experience. This Concept Store is a multifunctional facility where two of the world’s most amorous artistic medium, fashion and food, interact in a seriously cool site with the lure of the Italian wine world.

iTrulli Fashion Food and Wine includes also a boutique wine cellar and a wine bar, specializing specifically in Italian wines with true varietal character. iPhor Trading Inc. imports for iTrulli Fashion Food and Wine an assortment of Italian wine varietals throughout the 20 Italian wine producing regions. Our varietals range stylistically from a traditional Chianti toscano to a rare Refosco friulano. Most of our wines come from wineries that use sustainable farming and produce low-sulfite wines. We are passionate about our diverse wine profile and the remarkable stories that come along with some of these ancient soils.

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